How to Make Money as an Online Sports Betting Affiliate?

Making money online has become increasingly attractive for those who are looking for a passive stream of income or those interested in working in more flexible environments and outside offices. 

Undoubtedly, technological advancements are making our lives easier when it comes to generating profit from non-typical or standardized ways. Among such ways, affiliate marketing ranks quite well in Google searches. 

Now, what about making a profit as an affiliate marketer in one of the most lucrative industries worldwide: The sports betting and gambling industry. 

Below, we’ll break down all you need to know to make great money as a sports betting and gambling affiliate marketer without investing anything aside from your time, creativity, and drive to add zeros to your account balance. Let’s begin!

How Sports Betting Affiliate Programs Work?

Sportsbook affiliate marketers promote and advertise a sportsbook website and products through marketing tools such as banners, ads, and links. 

The affiliate marketer’s main goal is to generate quality traffic to the seller, in this case, the sportsbook. Then, the sportsbook will share its revenue with the affiliate. 

The affiliate program business model can be broken down into three main steps:

  • First, the affiliate marketer promotes the sportsbook’s products. For instance, a contest, an important sports event such as the NBA Finals or the Super Bowl
  • Second, the consumer will click on the ads, banners, and links known as marketing tools, this activity will generate traffic to the sportsbook.
  • Finally, the affiliate will generate commissions out of that traffic. 

Why Becoming an Online Sports Betting Affiliate?  

  • The sports betting and gambling industry is a billionaire industry. According to the American Gambling Association, during the first four months of 2022, gaming revenue stands at $19.33 billion. Why should this matter? Keep in mind affiliate programs share their profit with affiliate marketers. It sounds attractive, isn’t it? 
  • Commissions. Sports betting and gambling sellers offer competitive and attractive commissions. Revmasters offers up to 35% net revenue. Check Revmasters’ commissions programs. 
  • Sports events and matchups go around the clock all year long and all around the globe. A non-stop industry offers the potential to generate non-stop share profit. 

How to Get Started as an Affiliate Sports Betting Affiliate?

To generate traffic to the sportsbook, you will need a tool to spread sports betting and sportsbook information to reach the right audience and increase the chances to generate quality traffic. The sportsbook affiliate program will provide you with the marketing tools.

The Revmasters affiliate support is available 24/7 to answer any and all questions you might have.

  • Create sports betting content.  You can start by creating sports betting content such as a sports blog or website. You can share your sports knowledge, analyze matchups, or just simply inform the audience about upcoming important events. 
  • Create a YouTube Channel or podcast. Similarly to creating a website or blog, you can take advantage of other types of online platforms to spread sports betting or sportsbook content. 
  • Social media. Platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok are huge windows to promote content. Important brands all over the world are now relying on these tools to reach their customers and build engagement. 

How to Become a Revmaster’s Affiliate Marketer 

  • Create a free affiliate marketer account here 
  • After completing the registration, you will get an email to verify your personal details.
  • A personal and dedicated account manager will be assigned to each of our affiliates to answer any questions or concerns. The Revmasters affiliate support is available 24/7 to answer any questions you might have.

Additional Questions? 

Make sure to check our Frequently Asked Questions section here.