NHL: Rangers v Lightning Game 4 Odds Boost

BetUS has a special odds boost on a triple play in tonight’s Rangers v Lightning Game 4. These offers include a mixed pair of scorers, 2 Lightning dudes & an exact score prediction. FYI: These special odds boosts on payout aren’t under NHL, but under the Novelty category!

This Odds Boost play in NHL is a mixed pair betting that both the Lightning’s Steven Stamkos & the Rangers’ Artemi Panarin each score a goal pays out odds that go from +750 to +850.
Higher payouts on this one is all Tampa Bay, & if their 2 players Nikita Kucherov & Ondrej Palat each score a goal, your odds jump up from +700 to +800!
Picking exact scores is tough but pays big! If you bet Tampa Bay wins 3-1 over the Rangers, your Boosted Odds jump from +1200 to a sweet +1400! Puck it up!!

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